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Codina Savon Bourrache Organic Borage Soap for Mature Skin


Product Description

Real handcrafted soap ! Formed by a process called saponification: the chemical process that occurs when an alkali such as lye is combined with vegetable oil or butter. We use a special mixture of cold-pressed Shea Butter with coconut oil for its foaming action. This active ingredients of the sheabutter have this amazing ability to stay intact during the soap making process. This is what we called unsaponifiable. At this time, we add high quality virgin oils to give the soap a more specific action, this referred as superfatting. These additional oils do not saponify which leaves them intact and active for the skin. The soap bars take 4-6 weeks to cure.
  • Borage Geranium soap for mature, sensitive, or dehydrated skin
  • This is soap made with shea butter and borage oil, which is rich in anti-aging gamma linolinec acid. Works deep within the skin, leading to fully moisturized complexion. For use on the face of those with sensitive or dry skin. Has a faint scent of flowers. Contains no added color, fragrance, mineral oil, petroleum-based surfactants, alcohol, or parabens.
  • Nourishing Soa for Sensitive and Dry Skin
  • Organic borage soap
  • Hand crafted by cold saponification.

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