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Phiten Titanium Necklace, Camouflage in Dark Brown, 22 Inches


Product Description

Phiten's patented Energy Transport System (ETS) enables the body to realize its maximum potential. Phiten's unique technology helps to reduce fatigue, tension and stiffness caused by stress or exercising. All Phiten products have undergone the ETS treatment. Sought after by thousands of professional athletes all around the world, Phiten products support their bodies while pros push themselves beyond their limits. From Ernie Els (professional golfer) to Randy Johnson (professional baseball player), many have incorporated Phiten into their daily lives.
  • 22 Inches in length, with a break-away clip type clasp
  • Recommended for people with stiffness/tension in their neck/shoulders
  • Phiten's ETS helps enable one's own immune system and metabolism to help the body

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